Hokkaido, Japan, a rubber boat overturned two people died on board

Should not cause the vessel to overturn
According to Japanese media reports, the local time on the 27th of this morning, a rubber boat in Hokkaido, Japan Hida near the sea sank, two people died on board. As the sea was no wind and waves, the sea is relatively calm, the current local police are investigating the cause of the accident. Japanese media said the local time at 10:15 on the 27th Xu, a number of people in the waters near the city of Ida to the police report, said a ship overturned. Rescue workers arrived, the ship will be more than 70-year-old man from the water rescue shore, after the confirmation that both have died. It is reported that the accident vessel is about 3 meters in length, in addition to the two dead on the ship and no others. The police also confirmed that the incident when the sea is not a big storm, should not cause the vessel overturned. According to the local fishery department official said the waters of the recent large number of anglers. The police are still investigating the cause of the accident.

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