The world's largest aircraft for the first time successful flight test hovering a week landing

Britain to build the world's largest aircraft Airlander 10 plans to conduct the first test on the 14th
Data map: August 15, the United Kingdom Katindon, the UK to build the world's largest aircraft Airlander 10 plan for the first time on the 14th flight test, but at the last minute announced the delay. According to foreign media reports, the UK to build the world's largest aircraft Airlander recently successfully conducted the first test flight, hovering in the air after a safe landing. Reported that the local time on the 17th evening, the monster from 73 kilometers north of London, Cardington (Cardington) airport take off, virgin flight. Although this super-aircraft machine looks like a giant airship, 92 meters long, than the world's largest passenger Airbus A380 is 18 meters long, but take off the process, than the airplane or helicopter noise much smaller. Aircraft carrying capacity of up to 10 tons, can be modified to accommodate 48 passengers, and continuous flight 5 days, the speed of 148 kilometers per hour. The aircraft is likely to be used for oil, machinery and mine transport, or to respond to disaster areas. According to reports, Airlander was originally developed for the US military, but the 2013 US military spending cuts, the plan back to the British home. Developers receive development funds through government agencies and private fundraisers.

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