The Ministry of Education will promote the development of provincial school bus service programs this year

To strengthen student safety education
Recently, the Ministry of Education website published the "Ministry of Education 2016 work points", requiring all levels of education departments to strengthen the party building, and comprehensively maintain the education system harmony and stability, and severely crack down on the academic Fraud, increase the intensity of training young cadres, strengthen the campus anti-terrorism prevention work. "Key points" to strengthen the education system of political style of wind construction, the implementation of the central inspection team to inspect the work requirements of colleges and universities in colleges and universities, the introduction of academic misconduct in high school approach, crack down on academic fraud, and effectively strengthen the management of scientific research funds. "Points" that should do a good job at all levels of cadres selection and appointment of work, increase the training of young cadres, women cadres, ethnic minority cadres and cadres outside the efforts. Actively promote the exchange of cadres inside and outside the education system, the selection of outstanding cadres to the central and western regions, especially Tibet, Xinjiang, Qinghai and other difficult remote areas of employment, service. At the same time, we must strengthen the safety education of students, carry out safety education and teaching ability display activities, carry out campus security and stability investigation and rectification, strengthen the campus anti-terrorism prevention work, improve the vocational college students practice liability insurance system to promote the development of provincial school bus service program The (Source: People's Network - Education Channel)

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